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Therapy is an investment in yourself and your future. Let's get started!

Below are some of the brass tacks of the situation. I offer free 15-minute phone call if you have further questions or want a preliminary chat.     


An initial consultation takes place over two 45-minute sessions so that you might have a sense experientially of how this type of therapy works and we can ascertain fit. 


Cost is $350 payable at the end of the first session. The second session is free.  


If we decide to work together, sessions are 45-minutes and take place regularly once a week.  The duration of therapy depends on circumstances and one's goals, though it is often long-term (6 months or more). 

Cost is $285/per session payable at the end of the month.


For those with out-of-network benefits, the cost of sessions might be reimbursed. I can provide you with the questions to ask your insurance company about OON coverage.


I provide superbills that include the information necessary for reimbursement.

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