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People often come to therapy to address what is wrong.  In my mind, taking the first step toward help is a strong indication of what is right.  Building from that strength, I help the adults who seek my care nurture their innate capacity to manage life's complexities in a way that's their own.


Emotions are central to who we are.  They affect how we think and act in powerful ways, though they often go unnoticed or undercover.  Together we'll focus on cultivating an understanding of your internal life in order to bring about desired change in your external life. 


What you can expect


An immediate effect of therapy is relief.  Sessions become a home for vital feelings that cannot find a place elsewhere.  In order for this to come about, the atmosphere must be non-judgmental and non-coercive.  I have often been told by those I work with that they can “actually talk” with me.  Being heard and hearing oneself are important aspects of therapy.  You will also hear from me—I am not a silent, impassive therapist, though I do place value on my role as an active listener.  This is a challenging and rewarding process in which both people are actively engaged.

Some of the long-term outcomes of a successful therapy are:  symptom relief; a greater capacity to have meaningful and satisfying relationships with others; the development of internal resources that enable the active pursuit of goals; an expanded sense of personal freedom that is perhaps concurrent with greater acceptance of one's own limitations; and, ideally, access to an experience of well-being that extends beyond the duration of the therapy itself.  


While my approach increasingly incorporates cognitive behavioral techniques, mind-body awareness, and wisdom from other traditions, I acknowledge that talk-based therapy cannot address every concern. I maintain up-to-date on other therapies and can provide recommendations as appropriate. 

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